We believe that Renewable Energy viz. wind/solar power is the call of the hour, to meet the ever growing demand for clean power in the future as well as maintain a balance with nature. Therefore, the Group is extending its vision towards Renewable Energy generation. Initially, the Group proposes to generate Renewable Energy for captive consumption in its Textile Units in Madhya Pradesh and gradually encompass the other segments of renewable energy, to emerge as an independent power producer.

Besides its generation activity, the Group also proposes to venture into Power Trading. This involves a transaction wherein the price of power is negotiable and options exist regarding whom to trade with, for what quantum and price. This provides economic efficiency and security of power supply for the consumers. It also looks for optimization of generation, distribution and consumption by reducing discrepancies in demand and supply.

Except for Mega Capacity Generating Units, very few companies have been able to make it in the power generation industry through non-conventional sources i.e. creating renewable energy capacity. The Group proposes to change the scenario by making a mark in the Electricity Market as a leader.

The Company has taken its early steps in this direction. It is in the process of obtaining an inter-state trading licence from the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission to commence the commercial interaction with the power market entrepreneurs.



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