Wearit Group has its roots in the lush green gardens of Dehradun and Assam. It was conceptualized and set up from humble beginnings, but with clear vision and foresight, by one of the first Indian families in the Tea Industry. What started out as a modest venture in the 1920s, has now transformed into a conglomerate of companies with varied interests, from Tea to Textiles to Renewable Energy. The Group has come a long way, establishing a wide customer base for its textile yarns (cotton and synthetics) in Europe, United States, Middle East and also in the Far East. However, even today, it continues to strive for growth while catering to its clients/customers pan-India.

At a time when private enterprises were struggling to overcome the hurdles of Industrial Infrastructure and Investments, Shri Narendra Kumar, the founder and chairman of Wearit Group and his able successor Shri Manish Kumar, took it upon themselves to steer the enterprise to new heights each day.

The insurgency problem in the Northeast paved the way for diversification from Tea to Textiles. This was then followed by exploring possibilities of diversification in various new sectors, namely Renewable Energy, to counter global warming and meet the ever growing demand for alternate power. An ingenious approach was thus evolved - to take the route of mass participation and community benefiting businesses. In line with this, Shri Narendra Kumar and those who followed him, aligned business opportunities to the objective of community building.

This approach remains enshrined in the Group's ethos to this day and continues to guide the Group forward from one success to another.


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